Update: Fall semester prices are posted


Welcome to Textbooks 4 Less!

At Textbooks 4 Less we understand the fundamentals of the college experience: study, have fun, and save money on textbooks! As a student, you don't have too many options when buying books for classes, and prices keep going up. So make the smart choice.



Just a Few Guidelines

Ordering Online

We understand going to an actual bookstore isn't for everyone. Avoid the crowds: order online! You can simply place your order online and we will ship it to you. Or, if you want to save money on shipping, place your order and let us know that you will do an in-store pickup -- with no extra charge!

To order online, simply click here to upload your class schedule.  If you only want to order books for certain classes, no problem!  Click the link above and enter the department, course number and section in the "Message" box.

What is an ISBN?

The ISBN is the 10 or 13 digit number located on the back cover of any book near the bar code. It is also listed inside the book on the copyright page. The ISBN is unique to every book, so it is the best way to identify the exact edition of a book.

Do you buy Custom Editions?

Yes. We will purcahse any current DMACC Custom Edition.

Do you buy Instructor's Editions?

Yes. We pay the equivalent of the quoted price for the student edition ISBN. Instructor's editions typically contain the same content as the student edition. The only difference will be markings displayed on the cover, such as "Instructor's Edition", "Complimentary Copy", "Free Copy", or "Not for Sale". Please note: The book will be considered "Annotated" if it contains answers and/or instructor's notes, even if "Instructor's Edition" is printed on the cover.

Do you buy Annotated Instructor's Editions?

Yes. However, we only pay 20% of the quoted price for the student edition ISBN. Annotated Instructor's Editions are similar to the student edition except they contain answers and/or instructor's notes. They usually have "Annotated Instructor's Edition" printed on the cover.

Do you buy International Editions?

Yes. However, we only pay 20% of the quoted price for the U.S. edition ISBN. International editions usually have the same content as the U.S. edition. These books are often bound with a soft cover. They usually have "International Edition" printed on the cover or "IE" printed on the spine. This information will also appear on the title page of the book.

Do you buy loose-leaf textbooks?

Yes. However, we only pay 20% of the quoted price for the hardcover or paperback ISBN. Loose-leaf textbooks are not bound. The pages are usually meant for a three ring binder. Loose-leaf textbooks are sometimes referred to as "a la carte" editions.